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Janasheen -e- Hadhrat  Fida-e-Millat (R.A.)

Hz  Maulana Sayyed Mehmood Asad Madani


2006 Programe

Mon 10th July Zohar Jamia Masjid Small Heath, Coventry Road. BIRMINGHAM

Mon 10th July Advice to studants Fellows Rd. BIRMINGHAM      

MON 10th July  Asar  Jame Masjid, Aston,  Trinity Road. Birmingham

TUE 11th July  Asar Masjid Noor, Victoria Road Aston. Birmingham

FRI 14th July  Asar Masjid e Hamzah, Moseley , Church Rd. Birmingham

 SAT  15th July Z Nikah & bayan  Masjid Al Farooq, Milton St.Walsall 



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